The solution

Flowly compiles and analyses all the data from the networks in order to make them available to local authorities, service providers and passengers.

Interfacing passenger information tools

(route planner and applications)

Flowly platform

(local authorities and service providers)

Interfacing business tools

(marketing and operations)

Our observation

Incomplete data : Fine-tune your transport offer

Nowadays, our public transport networks rely on data related to boarding of passengers to assess and adjust their offer. However, ticketing offers a partial view of passenger trips.

Bus stops

Connections taken by travellers

Trip duration for each

Number of persons per vehicle

Place of origin, final destination and distance travelled by users

Our patented solution

Detecting smartphone passive signals

Flowly allows one to monitor accurately and continuously the flow of passengers through buses, subways and trains.

Sensors installed in vehicles detect and store smartphone passive signals in real time. Passengers are informed and can object to the data collection.

An anonymous reconstruction of the route

Data are filtered, anonymised and cross-tabulated with other network data.

They are then made available to the network operator on a dedicated platform.

The first figures are exploitable within a few weeks following the setting up of Flowly.

Our advantage

Adaptable to any type of transport network

Flowly can be used over all public transport networks, regardless of the size or structure. Our interface can be provided alone or with sensors.


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