Some thirty regions already use Flowly to track and analyse movement flows with a view to adjusting the mobility offer. Attending to the need in a specific region, getting used to new sanitary constraints, restructuring part of, or the entire network, calibrating our offer, estimating fraud, increasing productivity… Flowly is able to meet all these objectives in record time.



Reunion Island


Meeting passengers’ information needs

Anticipate the number of passengers in public transports, facilitate their journeys and help operators to improve their services. Flowly provides information to operators regarding the number of passengers and daily vehicle load, hence giving them an alternative choice to inquire and avoid physical contact between travellers and drivers as far as possible.

Flowly deployment

Since September 2020, Flowly has been helping to provide travellers with information through access to a route planning system, promoting knowledge regarding the number of passengers using vehicles at specific times. Information allows users to better plan their trips.


Besides the number of users, information related to the number of passengers getting off and using connections will contribute to a better understanding of movement flows and efficient network organisation.

The number of passengers in the vehicles is analysed, the flux is controlled and better managed.

Public transport ridership gauges are better managed during peak hours.

The implementation of corrective measures, through additional buses and tramway, is better managed.


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