Some thirty regions already use Flowly to track and analyse movement flows with a view to adjusting the mobility offer. Attending to the need in a specific region, getting used to new sanitary constraints, restructuring part of, or the entire network, calibrating our offer, estimating fraud, increasing productivity… Flowly is able to meet all these objectives in record time.



Reunion Island


An offer complying with physical distancing

In Avignon, physical distancing constraints imposed by the coronavirus caused an
80 % decrease in collective transport capacities. Flowly provides assistance to Orizo, the public transport network, to allow TCRA, the operator, to control the ridership on buses and determine the routes that have to be maintained as well as their frequency.

Flowly deployment

Flowly equips some sixty tramways and buses that serve the main routes of Avignon’s network (Vaucluse). The solution allows for a continuous monitoring of the ridership since the beginning of the sanitary crisis in March 2020. Flowly proves to be the only effective tool since ticketing no longer has a statistical purpose due to free public transport.

Lessons from Flowly during the first lockdown of May 2020

Number of passengers on Route C2 progressively going down from 8,000 to 600 passagers daily at the end of March.

An average of 10 travellers per journey recorded at the end of March, in contrast with 50 at the beginning of that same month.

Journeys spread over the day, mainly during 10 A.M. and 5 P.M.

To ensure physical distancing, the transport offer was reduced to 30% of the number of journeys completed under normal circumstances.


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