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Daily management and optimisation of your transport network

A better structured transport network

Use Flowly to optimise your network and attend to the real mobility needs of users

A better suited mobility offer

The routes linking the outskirts to the city center are essential. Flowly allows for a reorganisation of the lines to better meet the expectations of travellers and improve profitability.

Avoiding frauds

Ticketing, counting cells, Flowly sensors … Our analysis platform is able to combine several qualitative and quantitative sources of data, hence making it possible to assess fraud.

More efficient bus lines

Monitor buses in real time, analyse their early arrivals or delays, choose the right vehicle size for each service… Flowly is an efficient management tool that allows you to optimise all of the time sheets in just a few hours…

An offer complying with sanitary protocols

Which are the routes that need to be kept and what is the frequency that needs to be put in place in this demanding sanitary context? Our data on ridership help you design a suitable and secure mobility offer for the user.

The solution

FLOWLY compiles and analyses all network data.

FLOWLY Sensors



Operational support system
Instant information reporting ( drivers / passengers )

Data are made available to local authorities, operators and passengers.

Interfacing with passenger information tools

(route planner and applications)

Interfacing with business tools

(marketing and operations)

Case studies

Some thirty regions already use Flowly to track and analyse movement flows with a view to adjust the mobility offer. Attending to the need in a specific region, getting used to the new sanitary constraints, restructuring part of, or the entire network, calibrating our offer, estimating fraud, increasing productivity… Flowly is able to meet all these objectives in record time.

Our Team

A trip to Japan in 2015 marks the beginning of Flowly. The extensive use of smartphone in public transport was as an eye-opener. What if smartphone detection could enable the analysis of users’ movements ? Following a few months spent on research and development, the tool was granted a patent and ready to be deployed. Flowly was officially born in Reunion Island in 2018.

Talking about us

France 3, France Bleu, La Provence, Bus & Car… Journalists speak about Flowly, be it at regional or national level. Let’s have a closer look at the press reviews.


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